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Some tactics to boost your ticket sales for an event

While you are planning an event, the main focus is always around selling tickets. People today like to attend concerts or sports events and they don’t mind spending a good amount of money on those tickets. Money earned from tickets is considered as the return on investment for your event. Therefore, you need to take every possible step to make the event popular. Events Tickets Marketing is one of the great ways of event promotion and selling tickets. Here are some tactics that you can use to double up the ticket sales for your upcoming event:-

  • Plan ahead of time – When it comes to selling tickets, you should always plan to begin selling a week or two prior to your planned date. Promotional tactics used here could be giving early bird tickets at discounted prices till a certain date and after that, the tickets shall be sold at the original price. You won’t imagine, this trick always plays in favor of the event management company.
  • Use the current event to sell next event tickets – There are people who like to attend concerts or sports events again and again if their favorite band is playing or favorite team is playing. They would be happy to know when the next event is planned and would like to book early ticket rather than buying last minute. So, you can start Online Tickets Booking during the current event for your next event.
  • Run a contest – Running a lucky draw contest during the event and giving away prizes can really help in boosting the sales of the tickets. People who attend the event would like to earn something in return. Therefore, running contests can be highly helpful.
  • Discount coupons – usually events have food arrangements for visitors so that they don’t go hungry. So, when people Buy Events Tickets Online, few lucky customers can get free meal vouchers during the event or even outside the event like a restaurant or pub.
  • Make it more entertaining – Although during the concerts or games the entertainment quotient is already high, yet you can add few things to make the event more interesting. Like if possible, selfies with the celebrities or free drinks or merchandise of the event.

So, selling tickets is not as hard as it sounds. All you need to be is little creative so that the visitors are encouraged to Book Tickets Online.


Event Marketing can be done effectively through online platform

Show organisers are now making use of the online system to promote the upcoming events and shows. The dependency on traditional mode of ticket selling system is reducing day by day. There was a time when the people have to travel to the ticket counter, which was the only option for securing an access to any show. Sometimes Event Tickets were made available at big departmental stores, food chains, and many such places where people usually go in a routine manner. Many times people have to face difficulties for various reasons like standing in the queue waiting for the turn, unavailability due to sold out tickets, fixed timing of ticket sale counters, etc. these are the example of offline mode. Now the things have changed significantly, and people dependency is gradually increasing on the Online Ticket booking system that provides flexibility and convenience, that was not possible with offline mode.

In this time of Internet, show organisers and event management companies are using the online platform exhaustively to promote the upcoming shows. The benefits that are associated with this mode of promotion and sale are tremendous, and some of the benefits are given below:

  • The Online Ticket Booking system depends on the customized software that provides effective Event Marketing tools. The booking done through this software stores the data of the customer which can be used at any later stage for sending various notifications related to the event to the customer. If the show is getting postponed or the venue is changed at the last moment than these important notifications must reach the attendees in time. This job is done by sending emails to the customer email address. Sending an email to a large number of customers is very easy compared to another mode of communications. This way the attendee will be updated about the developments and will make arrangements according to that only.
  • The show organisers or the event management companies Sell Event Tickets Online, so the payment of for the same also comes through the online gateway. People will Book Tickets Online using MasterCard, PayPal, Credit Cards or any other electronic mode. This payment will go directly to the company’s account. There is no involvement of the exchange of physical cash in this mode of payment. This provides a secure and instant payment option.
  • The show organisers can effectively use the online platform and social media like Facebook, google, twitter, etc. for the promotion of the shows and Event Marketing. It is a very easy and economical type of advertisement which reaches the audiences from the far flung areas. The event details can also be sent through mailer to a large number of email addresses.
  • The online booking window can be equipped with some additional features also that can provide the opportunity of interacting with the audiences. Audience’s preference like comfortability of the location, schedule of the show, food availability at the venue and such other queries, can be put on the same window. This will help in making improvements.

Great Returns and benefits of Online Ticket Booking system

The online platform provides ease, convenience and a broader spectrum of product promotion and marketing of all sorts. Online Ticket Booking is one such facility that is made possible with the help of the Internet.  The trend of online ticket booking is not very old, but it has grown significantly in few years. It is now seen more as a necessity than an option. Event management companies and shows organiser arrange many public events for individuals, or for some business entities. During any award function or an annual day or to mark any special achievement within a business, various musical and stage performances comprising of various artists, are organised to entertain people. The sales of Event Tickets are no longer restricted to the ticket window. They are easily available on the internet. This is made possible with specific software used for Online Ticket Booking. There are many advantages associated with the selling of Event Tickets on the online platform.

With the availability of online booking facility, the show attendees do not have to run to sales points that are located at different points in a city. Even when they reach the sale counter, the chances of securing a place in the event is not always positive. You may have to face a board which reads- tickets sold out, or you may get little late from the specified time, etc. such possibilities are omitted with an online system. The benefits and the conveniences of Book Tickets Online System are:

  • Any person irrespective of his demography can book tickets online while sitting in front of the computer. The system has made the entry pass to reach every home.
  • The inconvenience of standing in long queue for getting the entry pass is omitted. A more hassle-free option is available for the audiences.
  • As it is based on computer software system, every aspect of online booking is taken care. It is a centralised system which stores the data of the audiences that book entry pass as well as it also gives real-time reporting of the total number of entry pass sold, remaining tickets, etc.
  • Event Marketing can be done on various social media sites which are extensively used by common people.

People find Online Ticket Booking System more convenient

The concept of online Ticket Booking is not very old. This concept was made possible only after the huge popularity of the Internet among masses. Now the Internet is the most preferred mode of Event marketing and brand promotion. This not only gives extreme flexibility but is economical too. Like brand promotion and events are popularised on the Internet, the sale of tickets for shows and events are also possible online. Computer software is used to organise everything. The electronic mode of Online Ticket booking is very beneficial and is very good and efficient option of keeping a track and record of ticket booking. The show organisers choose the online platform to Sell Events Tickets so that people find it convenient to secure a place for them and their family for the event.

Earlier people had to make a beeline at the ticket counters and these tickets counters were either located at the proposed venue or some other major stores. Getting to these stores was not an easy task for everyone. People had to take time off from their busy schedule and there was no guarantee of getting a ticket. This inconvenience and hassle are removed with the concept of Buy Online Events Tickets.  All you need is an Internet connection, and you can book tickets literally from anywhere like you check your email and chat on social media.

The online environment also works as an effective platform for Event Marketing. Putting big banners across prominent places undoubtedly catches the attention of people, but marketing on social media reaches to a large number of audiences. A good amount of expenses is saved by choosing the Internet for marketing and promotional tool. Show organisers do not have to spend on cost of stalls and the stall staffs. The other benefit of this medium is that it helps in getting the valuable feedback from the audience. The choice of venue, the musical bands, the arrangement of food and beverages are some important aspects that people look for during a show. Show organisers can understand the preference of audiences through their feedback which will help in improving their services.